Riding the Awkward Roller Coaster is a weekly newsletter combining the science and stories of the tween, teen, and early 20-something years. It’s funny and serious all at once… kinda like puberty itself. And it’s written by a pair of puberty experts*, so every linked article, podcast, and interview packs valid information with a dose of reassurance or a call to action. It’s everything you need to know about the decade between 8-18, delivered weekly.

*The creds that make us experts: Cara Natterson, MD and Vanessa Kroll Bennett are co-hosts of The Puberty Podcast. Cara is a pediatrician and author of the bestselling puberty books The Care and Keeping of You series and Guy StuffShe is also the founder of OOMLA, a company designed to make puberty comfortable. Vanessa is the founder of Dynamo Girl, a company focused on building kids’ self-esteem through sports, puberty education and parent workshops. She writes regularly in her Uncertain Parenting Newsletter about the messy process of raising tweens and teens.